Romania - Bulgaria - A DXFC trip to YO and LZ - Nov 2010
Arriving at OTP : Bucharest's international airport. The airport is near the town of Otopeni, hence the OTP abbreviation. Grim building with cellular and other antennas on top. There is no shortage of grim looking buildings in and around Bucharest.
A CFR (Romanian Railways) train shuttles back and forth between Bucharest airport (OTP) and Bucharest's Gara de Nord station. The somewhat sparse (single-track) "airport railway station" is itself already a ten minute bus ride away from the main airport terminal.
The 2.8km long Friendship Bridge (Дунав мост) spans the Danube at the Romania-Bulgaria border (this photo is not mine - the bridge was crossed at around midnight while on the sleeper train!). Romanian Railways are somewhat shambolic for the passing tourist. It proved impossible to make any rail bookings outside the country, even through the usually reliable Deutsche Bahn website.
Keeping the door locked on the Bucharest-to-Sofia overnight sleeper train! The Bucharest-to-Sofia train had three sleeper carriages, one from Moscow, one from Kiev and one starting in Bucharest. Sofia's impressive new airport was largely funded by the European Union.
Sofia to London BA891 flight cancelled. The incoming BA flight was diverted to Bucharest because of high winds in Sofia. After the BA flight had failed to turn up, I was then rerouted back to London on Austrian Airlines via Vienna. Two new DXFC points done!
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