ZD7XF - St Helena - June 2011
Nigel G3TXF made 12,000 CW QSOs operating as ZD7XF from St Helena for nine days in June 2011:
The ZD7XF log was up-loaded to both ClubLog and LoTW each day from a local Internet café.

Many thanks to Bruce ZD7VC for making numerous local arrangements in connection with the ZD7XF operation, including suggesting the excellent operating site, applying for the licence and transporting the gear.

The operation was from the home of Barrie ZD7MY
at Two Gun Saddle, perched at 1,200ft asl, high above the capital of St Helena, Jamestown.
RMS St Helena anchors off Jamestown, St Helena (ZD7) before setting off on the round trip journey to and from Ascension (ZD8).
Arriving on the RMS St Helena off Jamestown, the main town and capital of the small mid-Atlantic British island colony of St Helena. ZD7XF station : K3 transceiver, THP HL-550X amplifier, Big-IR controller, 12v PSU, ETM-Paddle, laptop (WinTest) and keyboard.
Peter ZD7FT is regularly active on HF SSB Gilbert ZD7BG : CW (and C&W!) Operator Daniel ZD7DL with Big-IR 40m-10m vertical
ZD7XF DX-pedition antennas at Barrie ZD7MY's hill-top house. Views down to Jamestown (on left) and Rupert's Bay (on right).
Bruce ZD7VC and Peter ZD7FT take a look at the ZD7XF station. Over thirty 10m long radials were laid around the Big-IR vertical.
One side of the 80m dipole (the insulator can just be seen on the horizon) with a steep drop right in front of the antenna. St Helena (ZD7) lies mid-way between Africa and South America. Ascension and Tristan are both administered from St Helena.
Dramatic drop (and great views to the North) just in front of the Spiderpole used to support the 80m dipole Nigel G3TXF on board the RMS St Helena sailing on the five-day South Atlantic voyage from Capetown (ZS1) to St Helena (ZD7).
Nigel ZD7XF and Bruce ZD7VC at the internet café which enabled the ZD7XF logs to be uploaded to ClubLog and LoTW each day. Bruce ZD7VC's 4x4 Land Rover was really useful in getting the numerous suitcases and ski-bags to and from the ZD7XF shack.
An abbreviated (about 12m) 18m Spiderpole was used to support the 80m wire dipole. Napoléon F1N était QRV depuis l'ile de Sainte Hélène entre 1815 et 1821 ...... sur l'ile il y a deux maisons qui appartiennent directement à la France, ainsi qu'un consulat Français!
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