ZD9XF - QSLing Update - Oct-Nov 2014
Nigel G3TXF sailed back from Tristan da Cunha on 3 October and (after the six-day sea voyage to Cape Town) arrived home in the UK on October 11. Gennady UX5UO completed the design of the ZD9XF QSL within hours. The cards were printed quickly and were received from the Ukraine just two weeks later. The mailing of QSLs for the 25,700 CW QSO ZD9XF operation thus started just two weeks after returning home. The excellent Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) on Club Log was used for both Direct QSLs and for requesting Bureau QSLs.
Sticking franked labels and the Air Mail stickers onto the envelopes. The majority of ZD9XF Direct QSL requests were through OQRS. The ZD9XF QSL was speedily designed, printed and shipped by Gennady UX5UO.
OQRS is revolutionising QSLing for DX-peditions. Both Direct QSLs and Bureau QSLs can be requested online. ZD9XF Bureau cards requested through the Club Log OQRS were shipped directly to individual Bureaux worldwide in small boxes.
Address labels generated through Club Log OQRS are printed in many international fonts including Cyrillic for Russia..... .....and Japanese Kanji for the JAs.
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