Visiting the Cape Radio club station : ZS1CT : Mar 14
Impressive HF antennas at the ZS1CT club house station in Cape Town. The ZS1CT Annual Flea market is held in the grounds outside the club station. Paul ZS1S, one of the organisers of the ZS1CT flea market, with Rassie ZS1YT.
Tom ZT1T (ZS1AFS), Paul ZS1S and Barry ZS1FJ inside the Cape Town club station : ZS1CT. Nigel G3TXF uses his Begali paddle to make a few CW QSOs at the Cape Town club station ZS1CT.
ZS1 "Ragchew" Magazine Editor Anne Bareham ("ZS1XYL", xyl of Cape Town club chairman Rob ZS1SA) and Paul ZS1S. SARL AGM in Port Elizabeth in 1984 with a much younger looking Paul ZS1S (then ZS1BR) and Mike ZS1CO in the front row (left).
Amateur Radio flea markets look the same the world over ... ! Paul ZS1S with xyl Glynis ZR1GW.
Glen ZS1VG, Paul ZS1S, Alister ZS1OK, Paul ZS1PXK and Matt ZS1MTF among the fifty or so attendees at the ZS1 Flea Market. Thys ZS1ROM and Paul ZS1S in the ZS1CT club shack. The club is fortunate to have its own clubhouse and permanent antennas.
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